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Weight loss Camps for Adults | Top Choices

by admin on March 30, 2012

Weight loss Camps for Adults – Fat Camps



Weight Loss Camps for Adults ever year are becoming more and more popular as shows like “The Biggest Loser” pick up steam, and portray a weight loss environment where anything is possible.

Weight Loss Camps for Adults aka. “Fat Camps”  are a Big Success – the main reason being is they force people into developing habits.  They train you to have self-control and behavioral change is statistically the biggest challenge to obesity; and thus the single biggest impacting factor towards weight loss.


I have compiled a list of 3 of my most recommended weight loss camps for adults.   While these are in no particular order, they are all excellent facilities – each offering their own benefits and catering to their niche.

#1) The Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fat Farm

The Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fat Farm is a basic – “Get Right” atmosphere.  While other more expensive weight loss camps might shower you with amenities, many people who are on a budget only want to pay for weight loss; and choose not to pay for luxury.

This Fat Farm is located in Texas, it is on a real life ranch, and has real life cowboys.  The sole focus of this weight loss camp is to lose weight.  Its recognized for its focus on exercise, eating right, getting healthy, and changing your bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones.

This Adult Weight Loss Camp offers two levels; the 1st level is the standard program.  In this program you are pushed; however – you are still responsible for driving the results.  The 2nd level, is more similar to what you might see on “The Biggest Loser”, this is where you are hand held, heavily encouraged, and whipped into shape in a “boot camp” atmosphere.  The second level is for the person who is serious about weight loss and can withstand being pushed to new levels without giving up.

For the Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fat Farm, rates come as low as $299.00 a night or $1,999.00 for a one week stay.  However, many times if you keep your eyes open you can score some discounted prices.


#2) Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Camp for Adults

The Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Camp; caters mostly to adults.  It has a long history, over 35 years, to be exact and prides itself on a program that they refer to as S.E.L.F.  The core values of S.E.L.F. consist of Stress Management, Empowerment, Longevity, & Fulfillment.   These core values have driven them to be one of the most successful weight loss camps in the US.

Probably the biggest asset to the Hilton Head Health weight loss spa, is that it focuses on behavioral change.  It is this focus that has given them the edge on a lot of other facilities.  They really are more than just a fat farm; they offer a support campus that is strictly committed to developing a behavioral change that values healthy choices.

Each day that you are staying at this weight loss camp you will go through a specifically designed curriculum of nutritional education, fitness training, stress management, dieting strategies, maintaining motivation, and self-discovery.  Each course is individually tailored to the participants specific needs.  There is no “cookie cutter” approach; as everyone is different and Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Camp for Adults recognizes this.


#3) Wellspring Camp

The Wellspring fat farm has gained a reputation as being one of the more prestigious Adult Weight Loss Camps.  The Weight Loss Camp gives the feeling of a “retreat” more than a “camp”.  So maybe it should be called a weight loss retreat, however for the sake of arguments we will just refer to it as a weight loss camp.

At this weight loss camp you will have a chance to watch your body benefit from some extreme weight lossHere you will be given everything you need to lose the pounds that you hate.  While you are visiting the weight loss camp you will have access to top of the line fitness facilities and be taught to eat and prepare some healthy and easy to make nutritional meals.

What makes this weight loss camp unique is that they approach healthy living a little bit different than other fat camp.  At Wellspring Camp La Jolla, they do not limit you calorie intake as they do not believe that this is sustainable outside of the program; however, they do limit the unhealthy calories from your diet.  In their program they have what are called “uncontrolled” foods.  These foods consist of vegetables, salads, fat free soups, yogurts, and salads.  What this does is give you a realistic effective diet program that you can take home with you.

The Wellspring Camp has proven to be a leader in weight loss camps.  They claim that the average participant loses 4 pounds a week; and they have been praised by national news media like People Magazine and CNN.

Another thing that is nice about Wellspring’s Camps, is that they have fitness camps all over, ranging from the West Coast to the East Coast.  You can expect to find packages in the price range of $6,000 for three weeks to a little over $11,000 for a nine week stay.


Weight Loss Camps for Adults

My final words are this, each one of these adult weight loss camps or “Fat Camp’s” offers amazing results to people who want it.  Having said that, what you have to understand is that they do not have a magic wand that they can waive.  Too many people have spent their money at weight loss camps and have found poor results because they were not ready to make that lifelong commitment.  This is something you need to ask yourself honestly, and if you honestly answered yes to that question, any one of the adult weight loss camps will surly provide you with some extreme but healthy weight loss.